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"Take a moment and recognize your self-worth. We are all worthy of health and happiness. Weight loss can be a scary challenge, especially for those of us who have tried and failed in the past. Weight loss is a tricky game of chess with our biology, one that requires diligent mindful and physical attention. Do not buy into the fads of 'lose fat quick' or 'get fit in 30 days' - weight loss is a lifelong journey of reaching your desired weight and then maintaining it. If you are interested in getting a little happier and taking a step towards a healthier life, we are here to coach and guide you with sound science and proven applied positive psychology to achieve your wellness goals. Society has led us to believe if we lose weight, we will be happier. We have taken that model and flipped it upside down - our program will make you happier so that you may be healthier, and in turn live an even happier, more fulfilling life. We're all about love here."

Alek Dinesen, MSc, CSCS, PN1 

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