Our Mission

We are invested in creating real, lasting, and meaningful change for clients. We are a community founded on love, driven by results, and directed by science. Through our holistic and research-informed approach embodied by our programs, clients learn how to identify their goals, channel their strengths, and foster key psychological skills like resilience and optimism that drive sustainable habit change. Our goal is to make fitness and health a fun and achievable component of your everyday life.

Alek D.

Founder & Coach

Alek is a certified strength and conditioning specialist and certified personal trainer. He is the owner and founder of SoulFit LLC and also serves as the head health coach. He received his bachelors in biology and chemistry from the University of South Carolina and his masters in cell and developmental biology at Thomas Jefferson University. He is currently working on the completion of his PhD in nutritional sciences and registered dietitian licensure. He has 10+ years in fitness coaching and is a level 1 precision nutrition coach.