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Science Meets Compassion

SoulFit: /sōl’fit/ to feel energized, alive, healthy and happy

SoulFit's Happy Brain, Healthy Body program is focused on making clients happier by being healthier, and healthier by being happier. Start living the life you want and take the first step by joining SoulFit. 

Proven and sound science is the foundation of all our programs and teachings. All of our staff are scientists first, coaches second and have spent more than 20 years collectively studying science in an academic setting. 


Weight loss requires a lot of willpower - here at SoulFit we are dedicated to helping clients build and fortify a mindset to conquer their goals and install new happy and healthy habits that last a lifetime. 


Weight loss programs are not a 'one size fits all' - we are all unique individuals and therefore require personalized approaches for losing weight. Our program focuses on the individual, from the inside out.


They say you are what you eat - and it's true! But eating healthy doesn't have to be boring or confusing. We simplify eating for you..in a BIG way! Eat healthy & eat fun!



And last but certainly not least, our coaches are filled with compassion and love for their clients. Weight loss can be a stressful and difficult journey, we are here to help with open arms and full hearts - you should feel comfortable in your body, and with your coaches. 

Results of Traditional Dieting

Results of SoulFit Program





Research indicates that most individuals who diet do not lose weight, and even if they do, nearly all of them gain it back within a year. This is because our body HATES the idea of losing weight and is programmed to fight back when we starve it. Not only is this option unsustainable, it most certainly isn't enjoyable!

Our Happy Brain, Healthy Body program was designed to combat your body's evolutionary trained metabolism using a strategic and methodical approach. Though results are not as immediate as some traditional diets, they are sustainable, lasting, and far more effective. Not only does our program use a scientific approach to efficient weight loss, it also uses proven applied positive psychology to keep you motivated every step of the way, leading to a healthier and much happier life!

Alek Dinesen, MSC,

CSCS, PhD Candidate

Health Coach

Alek is dedicated to your health and happiness as a SoulFit client. He is a certified strength and conditioning specialist, credited by the national strength and conditioning association. 


He is a professional health coach and personal trainer and has helped countless individuals reach their weight loss goals. 

Alek has a Master of Cell and Developmental Biology with a focus on diabetes research from Thomas Jefferson University and is a PhD candidate in Nutritional Sciences at Rutgers University studying sustainable weight loss strategies. 

Allie is passionate about helping individuals live their most vibrant lives by equipping them with the skills to foster well-being in both body and mind. 


She is a professional strategist that has helped clients spanning individuals to Fortune 100 companies, navigate change to achieve their goals. 

Allie has a Master of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and a Master of Health Administration from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Allie Dinesen,


Happiness Coach

Our Mission

SoulFit is a novel online health and well being platform that provides personalized "whole body" health plans to achieve sustainable weight loss and lasting happiness. We are a community founded on love, driven by results, and directed by science.  Through our holistic and research-informed approach embodied by our Happy Brain – Healthy Body programs, clients learn how to identify their goals, channel their strengths, and foster key psychological skills like resilience and optimism that drive sustainable weight loss.