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Happy Brain Healthy Body

"I Want to Be Happier & Lose Weight"

Be Happy, Be Healthy, Lose Weight (in that order)

Our flagship program for individuals looking to lose weight and most importantly, keep it off. Using proven scientific models for strength training, fat loss, and positive psychology, this program will help you achieve your goals and build a happier life in the process. Fortify your mind and create a world of health. 

This is a 3 month (91 day) program for individuals looking to lose weight. Using a personalized and detailed approach specific to each client, our coaches provide you with a strategic exercise, dieting and happiness plan. Our program implements a novel idea to combat your bodies natural response to reduce its metabolism in response to weight loss. This approach utilizes caloric targeting, strength training, metabolic conditioning and proven positive psychology methods to aid in establishing healthy habits. 

There is one truth to weight loss - you must consume less energy than you spend (burn). However, there is a lot of confusing, misleading and wrong information available to everyone now regarding how to optimally lose weight. Real, sustainable and effective weight loss requires time and commitment. When we lose weight, we unfortunately do not only lose the bad stuff (fat), we also inevitably lose muscle mass - the engine of our metabolism. Our bodies are programmed to respond to weight loss by reducing our metabolism in hopes of saving energy we may otherwise need in the event of prolonged starvation. This is called adaptive thermogenesis - and we want to stop that from happening. We do this by meticulously calibrating the amount of calories necessary for weight management and augment the process by including exercises that will specifically aid in building and maintaining lean muscle mass and reduce fat deposition. 


Follow a detailed wellness plan for 91 days, specifically tailored just for you.

Our comprehensive Happy Brain programs give you everything you need to start a happier, healthier life - and you get it every single day for 3 months. 


We use a periodization model, with exercises that will optimize your fitness.

Learn the basic of functional movement and progress to strength training, cardiorespiratory exercise, muscle endurance and fat loss training. With these workouts, there's never a dull moment.


Engage in functional eating and find a healthy relationship with your food.

With daily and weekly nutrition challenges and our SoulFit food log, in addition to our calorie prescription modeling, you will develop healthy eating habits and sustainable weight management techniques. 


We use scientifically proven strategies to help you be a happier you.

Our interactive SoulFit happiness modules will take you on an enjoyable journey, educating you on how to develop a growth mindset, embrace challenges, and foster resilience while progressing through the stages of sustainable change.

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