Happy Mother Healthy Baby

Happier, Healthier Pregnancy

Nine months worth of nutrition, fitness, and happiness guidance

About the Program

A healthy child begins with a healthy mom. This open-access program will take you through the stages of prepregnancy, pregnancy, and postpartum. Reach new levels of fitness, manage your health and your weight, and install health habits that will impact you and your child.



One Time

This is a self-paced and guided fitness program for women. Take a SoulFit journey and fortify your health and mind for the betterment of yourself and your baby. We guarantee you succeed at discovering a better you.



Kick off your program with an initial health consultation with your health coach. This is meant to allow your coach understand your goals and get you started.


Metabolic Assessment

YOUR biology is unique, so your program should be too. Your health coach will provide you with a detailed metabolic needs plan to follow along. 


Weekly Workouts

Enough of the boring routines and going through the motions. Our programs offers effective, functional, and fun workouts designed to facilitate lasting change.


Happiness Modules

How do you make changes that last? train your mind and your heart as much as you train your body. Take a journey with applied positive psychology.


Nutrition Guide

A healthier you is more than just counting calories. Discover our nutrition guides to help steer your relationship with food towards a healthier, more functional one. 

What's Included

Everything you need to succeed.

How it Works

Our program is 100% individualized for your unique metabolic needs and designed around your busy schedule. Wherever you are mentally/emotionally/physically, this program is meant to meet you exactly where you are.

Schedule Consult


Ready to prioritize your health? Start here. Ask questions get answers. Learn more about the program.

Meet the Coach


This 60-minute meeting gives you a chance to meet your coach and for your coach to get to know you.



Perform your physical assessment (variety of movements) to set a benchmark for future comparison.

Start Your Training


You'll access your daily, individualized training and lifestyle program through our online portal.



Engage with your coach in a monthly meeting to establish strengths and weaknesses for refinement.

Reach Goals


Have a continuous conversation with your coach and yourself until you have reached your goal.