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 day 01 

 Exercise Focus: Proprioception

 Nutrition Focus: Calorie Maintenance


 Happiness Focus: Getting Started

*Download your exercise list, nutrition log, & happiness workbook for today above.


What is proprioception

By definition, it is the perception or awareness of the position and movement of our body. It conceptually describes how our nervous system and muscles work in sync to manage motion. Before we jump into complex and specialized exercises, it is important for you to learn how your body moves. These exercises will begin with stability and balance focuses, that will promote neuromuscular communication and will stress your stabilizers, muscles, ligaments and tendons. This allows us to build a foundation for the types of training we will encounter in the weeks and months to come.

Key takeaway:

  • Proprioception is essentially a fancy way of saying how we move

  • The big focus today and for the next two weeks is balance & stability

  • Take it slow, engage your core, feel your stabilizers fire up

nutrition & general health.

introduction & welcome!

So here we are, day 1 of your health transformation. In a long sprint, you don't use up all of your energy right out of the gate. Now we do recommend that you begin your program by following the calorie recommendation laid out for you. However, we're playing the long game here, so for today just start trying to pay attention to what you're eating, how frequently you're eating, and your emotions while doing so. This is an observe and report mission - take some notes during your meal time and tonight take a moment to audit what today was like. Good luck!

Key takeaway:

  • Each day you will see your Key Takeaways - little bits of helpful info

  • Today, just pat yourself on the back for deciding to make this change

  • Try recording your food emotions, you may surprise yourself

Drink 8, 8 oz of water

Today's Challenge

 fill out your food log

 Take your multivitamin

 log your sleep hours

workout videos.




Introduction to happiness

Hi there & Welcome to the SoulFit Family!

We are so glad that you are here. You have already taken the first step to a happier and healthier life and we can't wait to show you what we have planned just for you!

Research shows that happiness leads to better health and is key to sustainable

weight loss. In this journal you will find daily inspiration and positive psychology infused exercises that will help you become happier, craft your purpose, strengthen your mindset and relationships, and and cultivate traits like optimism, gratitude, and resilience. Tomorrow, you will have your first journal prompt, but today we’ll simply start by expressing gratitude for this moment.

Instructions: Take a pause and a few deep, slow breaths. As your mind settles, take a moment to express gratitude for all of the events - both large and small - that led you to this exact moment. Take another deep breath and channel that gratitude inward, to yourself - your courage, perseverance, and commitment to living a life of "wholeness" in body and mind that allowed you to be in this exact moment.

As you begin this journey with us, one helpful reminder: You are exactly where you are supposed to be.

And you are not alone - your Soulfit community is here with you every step of the way as we achieve this goal together.

Now Is The Time.