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DAY 55


Exercise Focus: Strength & Hypertrophy Training

Nutrition Focus: Calorie Deficit

Happiness Focus: Inspire

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Considerations of Functional training

In short, functional training is a classification of exercises that are meant to train the body for every day movement. Our body is meant to move with purpose, to move, to walk, to lift objects, to stand from a seated position. Most movements we perform in our every day lives are not in isolation - that is to say, we use more than one muscle group at a time. When we squat down to pick up an object from the ground, we must engage our core, bend at the knees and hip, wrap our arms around the object and stand back tall. The idea of functional training is to do these movements with purpose and properly, in a safe and efficient manner. So, welcome to week 3, when we begin our functional training. We will be learning the purpose of compound movements and the proper form and application of the,. 

Your Exercises For Today



Counterconditioning is essentially a substitution technique – learning to choose healthy options over unhealthy ones. The first step is to try and remove any unhealthy options from sight – so for starters, try cleaning out the cupboard of any and all bad foods. We recognize this is a difficult endeavor and may need to be done over an extended period of time. It also does not mean you should deprive yourself of every single food you find enjoyment with – I personally always have a box of Oreos around! Now in the process of this transition, be sure to add some healthy options around the house. For example, try keeping a fruit bowl at home on the countertop in clear sight, full of vibrant and flavorful fruits. Next time you reach for the bag of potato chips for an evening snack or a slice of left-over pizza, try starting with a piece of fruit. If that means you must eat the fruit and then the pizza, so be it. But over time, you will begin to condition yourself to be happy with just that piece of fruit. In the weeks and months to come, you should fortify your pantry with a majority of healthy foods (of course keep one or two sinful treats around). As always, respect and trust the process and know when to reward yourself for your progress.

Drink 8, 8 oz of water

fill out your food log

Take your multivitamin

log your sleep hours



“It is indeed a radical act of love

just to sit down and be quiet for a

time by yourself.”

— Jon Kabat-Zinn