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DAY 43


Exercise Focus: Strength & Hypertrophy Training

Nutrition Focus: Calorie Deficit

Happiness Focus: Inspire

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introduction to strength training

Welcome to week 7, when we shall begin our strength training! So far we have moved through proprioception, body basics and functional training & cardiorespiratory training - all of which have been fundamental leading into strength training. For the remainder of the program, we will be jumping between strength and muscular endurance training to boost lean muscle growth and promote fat loss. Strength training, like all types of training, has its own focus in terms of set and rep ranges. The two general ideas of strength training are to build functional and core strength and to promote more lean muscle tissue growth. These will allow us not only to perform activities more efficiently, safely and effectively, but will also build more metabolically active tissue. Let us make one thing very clear: strength training does not always mean you will build size and get bulky. That is a possibility if you wish to do so, but general strength training can build strength and promote lean muscle mass accumulation without making you bigger. It is, however, worth noting that muscle does weigh more than fat - so if you see a minor bump on the scale, it does not mean you are plateauing your weight loss. In order to sustainably lose weight, we must first boost our metabolically active tissue, and therefore our metabolism, with strength training. Each of the movements you will be performing are meant to be compound, functional movements. That is to say they will involve more than one muscle group at any given time and will force core activation.

Your Exercises For Today



Today's topic: Calcium

General Takeaway: Necessary for proper structure and function of bones and teeth; assists in muscle function and blood vessel contraction

RDA: 2000 - 2500 mg

Food Sources:

  • Milk products

  • Leafy greens

  • Broccoli 

Drink 8, 8 oz of water

fill out your food log

Take your multivitamin

log your sleep hours



“Look up at the stars and not

down at your feet. Try to make

sense of what you see, and

wonder about what makes the

universe exist. Be curious.”

— Stephen Hawking