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DAY 40


Exercise Focus: Active Recovery

Nutrition Focus: Calorie Maintenance

Happiness Focus: You at Your Best Exercise

*Download your exercise list, nutrition log, & happiness workbook for today above.


cardio before or after strength exercise

Your current program has you focusing on one type of exercise each day for 91 days, making it easy for you to follow along without having to think about what to do each day. But part of the goal here is to educate you and develop your self efficacy so that in the future, you may design your own program for at home or the gym. It is very common for individuals to do both cardio and strength training on the same day - and that can be a great way to increase your overall fitness. However, there is an order of these two you should try to stick to. We have something called glycogen in our muscles (and our liver) that is a form of stored energy (long chains of glucose) used for exercise. When we exhaust our free glucose in our blood during an exercise, our body will tap into these glycogen stores to provide energy to our muscles. If we start our workout with cardio exercise, we will have exhausted both our free glucose and most of our muscle glycogen, leaving very little efficient energy stores available for a strength workout. We do still have fat as an energy substrate but this is not an efficient energy source for strength conditioning. But if we start with our strength exercise, we will have adequate energy to efficiently workout our muscles and our subsequent cardio workout can be fueled by residual muscle glycogen and fat stores. So here's the punchline: do your strength workout prior to any cardio workout. 

Your Exercises For Today


No official workout for today, but as you know, a body in motion stays in motion. So try your best not to look at this day as an opportunity to spend an extra hour on the couch. Rather, find something fun to do, get outside or get a deep tissue massage. Maybe get some friends together at the park or extend your play time with the dog today.


Your body requires time to repair itself following a bout of exercise. Not only is rest an award, it’s a requirement for peak performance and progress.


Strength and cardiovascular training stresses your muscles, which will tighten and make subsequent exercise more difficult if they are stretched out. Take 20 minutes today to stretch out your muscles.


Today is not meant to be spent on the couch or in bed –a fully

sedentary day would be counter-productive. Take time today to connect with your body and recognize the progress it’s made. Treat your body with love and care and it will care and love you back.


Consciousness Raising

Last week we touched on consciousness raising, talking about some of the objective and subjective benefits of leading a healthier, happier life. Today will be less informative and more of an exercise. Below you will see that today's happiness exercise has you recalling you at your best. Before you do that, take 5-10 minutes and write down some of the health benefits that are important to you above all else. These are the reasons you are continuing to push yourself throughout this program. After you have completed your happiness exercise for today, return to your list and think about the characteristics of your best self and how they have been helpful in your journey to fulfill your promise to yourself to become healthier and happier. 

Drink 8, 8 oz of water

fill out your food log

Take your multivitamin

log your sleep hours


you at your best exercise

Today, we’re going to focus on a time where you were a complete rockstar. Indulge here and be your own cheerleader (remember: this space is judgement-free!) In the space below, write about a time in the past where you feel you were at your best - you felt good and you were doing good. Perhaps a parenting moment stands out for you, or even an event at work that left you feeling sky-high and fulfilled.

Instructions: Describe in detail when you were at your best - What were you doing? Where were you? Why does this moment stand out to you?