Welcome to

DAY 36


Exercise Focus: Active Recovery

Nutrition Focus: Calorie Maintenance

Happiness Focus: Positive Pulse Check

*Download your exercise list, nutrition log, & happiness workbook for today above.


Reflecting on our physical progress

Day 36, start of week six and our second week of cardiorespiratory training. Today let's just take a moment to reflect on our progress so far. How's your body feeling? We call this a mindful audit of your body - draw your attention to your heart and your lungs, think about your breathing and how shallow or deep it is. Move from your heart and lungs to your fascia and connective tissue, does it feel loose and fluid or tight and achey. Think about your joints, your knees, shoulders, wrists, hips, elbows - is your mobility better than before. How about your muscles, do they feel more solid, more engaged, maybe a little sore? It's important to check in on our body this way from time to time. Not only is it important to recognize areas that may need some TLC (ice, heat, massage, stretch, etc.) but it's also important to recognize your progress, not matter how small or big that may be. 

Your Exercises For Today


No official workout for today, but as you know, a body in motion stays in motion. So try your best not to look at this day as an opportunity to spend an extra hour on the couch. Rather, find something fun to do, get outside or get a deep tissue massage. Maybe get some friends together at the park or extend your play time with the dog today.


Your body requires time to repair itself following a bout of exercise. Not only is rest an award, it’s a requirement for peak performance and progress.


Strength and cardiovascular training stresses your muscles, which will tighten and make subsequent exercise more difficult if they are stretched out. Take 20 minutes today to stretch out your muscles.


Today is not meant to be spent on the couch or in bed –a fully

sedentary day would be counter-productive. Take time today to connect with your body and recognize the progress it’s made. Treat your body with love and care and it will care and love you back.


Vitamin A

Today's topic: Vitamin A

General Takeaway: Necessary for proper vision and organ function

RDA: 700 - 900 mcg

Food Sources:

  • Liver

  • Dairy

  • Fish

  • Sweet Potatoes

  • Carrots

  • Spinach

Vitamin A is essential for vision, immunity, proper regulation of metabolism, and cell proliferation, differentiation, and apoptosis (programmed cell death). 

Drink 8, 8 oz of water

fill out your food log

Take your multivitamin

log your sleep hours


positive pulse check

And just like that, we are reunited again! Welcome to your third Positive Pulse Check!

Over the past few days, you took steps to fortify your mission by crafting a SoulFit Purpose Statement and determined a plan of action to make you invincible to obstacles. You even started to learn how to effectively create new routines and infuse little boost-ups throughout your surroundings – these little (& big!) things add up! Over the next few days, we’ll focus on building your own self-awareness about yourself – understanding what’s inherently good about you and what makes you, YOU!

As with all Positive Pulse Checks, the space in your workbook is for you to use as you wish. Feel free to digest and reflect the on goings of the past few days, or simply use the space to note what’s going on within you in this very moment.