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DAY 34


Exercise Focus: Cardiorespiratory Endurance Training

Nutrition Focus: Calorie Maintenance

Happiness Focus: Pro Tip: Habit-Hacking

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Endurance training vs hiit

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), have you heard of it before? It's a type of exercise that became very popular about 15 years ago yet we've been doing it for a long time. HIIT workouts are a type of circuit workout that involves periods of high intensity activity followed by short intervals of rest. These types of exercises are great for building muscle endurance and burning fat. A few days ago we discussed heart rate zone training and that the majority of our cardiorespiratory training was done at a light or moderate intensity. HIIT training is a little different as it's purpose is to sustainable work at a higher intensity for longer periods of time. This extended, high intensity activity will initially require our muscle glycogen stores for energy, eventually transitioning to fat stores as a fuel source. This is beneficial because it allows us to burn more fat throughout the duration of exercise. We will be shifting to muscular endurance and circuit training (which includes HIIT) later on in the program after strength conditioning. For now, continue to focus on your cardiorespiratory training at the prescribed intensity level. 

Your Exercises For Today


Environmental reeval

Today we will continue our discussion of behavior change theory, more specifically, environmental reevaluation. This is our consideration and assessment of how our unhealthy behaviors affect our physical and social environment. We have already briefly touched on our physical environment prior, so today let's get social. We are all driven intrinsically to make changes in some form or another. For some of us, we choose to lose weight because of the health risks associated with being overweight. For others, its our wellbeing and general fitness we want to boost. What about for our family? Our parents? Our children? Our friends? Does someone rely on your physically, emotionally, socially or financially? Have you considered that your own health may directly or indirectly affect of friend or loved one? It's an interesting concept isn't it? While we continue to embark on this weight loss journey, keep those people in mind and close to your heart. By turning up your health you'll be able to spend more meaningful time with your kids, your friends, your husband or wife. You'll have the energy to do what you want and be a great healthy role model to those around you. Shine on!

Drink 8, 8 oz of water

fill out your food log

Take your multivitamin

log your sleep hours


Pro Tip: Habit-hacking

As we all know, significant change is rarely immediate nor easy. In fact, it can be extremely daunting - especially when it comes to our health. While our SoulFit program is structured so that you have your fitness and well-being plan at your fingertips, you'll need to create and rely on the routines and habits to continually sustain your new lifestyle for the long-term. Creating habits can be difficult, behavioral psychology offers us a technique called "piggybacking" that can help cement healthful habits into your usual routine.

Here's how it works: in order to fast-track an action into your routine, "piggyback" it onto an existing habit. For example, if you'd like to build the "3 Good Things" Exercise into your daily routine to cultivate gratitude and positivity, tack it on to something you do each day - such as brushing your teeth at night.

Prompt: What are some ways that you can "piggyback" healthful Soulfit activities onto existing habits to make them routine?








*Try to do more than your last workout

15 min

25 min

30 min

45 min

1 hour



*Try to do more than your last workout

1/4 mile

1/2 mile

1 mile

2 miles

3 miles