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Welcome to

DAY 21


Exercise Focus: Body Basics & Functional Training

Nutrition Focus: Calorie Deficit

Happiness Focus: Inspire

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from the ground up: the deadlift

The deadlift - the name alone sounds intimidating but you are going to conquer it all the same. Another compound exercise, like the squat, that requires multiple muscle groups and has your body moving in multiple planes. This too will be difficult to master but we will be doing a lot of them and they are incredibly beneficial in every day life - it is essentially a demonstration of how we ought to pick up objects off the ground. There are three phases: the starting position, the upward movement and downward movement. To start, stand with your feet flat and placed between hip- and shoulder-width apart with toes pointing slightly outward. Squat down with the hips lower than the shoulders and grasp your weight, with it positioned about an inch in front of your shins.

Position the body with:

  • back flat or slightly arched

  • chest held up and out

  • heels in contact with the floor

  • shoulders over or slightly in front of the weight

  • eyes focused straight ahead

Upward Movement Phase:

  • Lift the weight off the floor by extending the hips and knees simultaneously

  • Keep the torso-to-floor angle constant; do not let the hips rise before the shoulders

  • Maintain a flat back position

  • Keep elbows fully extended

  • Keep the weight as close to the shins as possible

  • As the bar rises just above the knees, move the hips forward to move the thighs against and the knees under the weight

  • Continue to extend the hips and knees until the body reaches a fully erect torso position

Downward Movement Phase:

  • Allow the hips and knees to flex to slowly lower the weight to the floor

  • Maintain the flat back body position; do not flex the torso forward

  • Continue until you reach the starting position

Your Exercises For Today


Food Corner

When you signed up for our program, did you read about our weight loss concepts concerting adaptive thermogenesis? Have you ever attempted to lose weight in the past and not been successful? Or maybe you were successful for a time before reaching the dreaded weight loss plateau? If that was the case we do hope you didn't blame yourself - because in fact, we should be blaming biology! See, our body is programmed to fight against weight loss; it's a survival mechanism that allowed our great ancestors to survive during extended periods of little to no food. When we reduce the amount of calories we consume, after about two weeks of this, our body begins to reduce our metabolism - this is what we call adaptive thermogenesis. This presents us with an interesting opportunity to trick our body and successfully lose weight. Firstly, to lose weight there is absolutely one truth - we must consume less energy than we burn (or in other words, burn more calories than we eat). Now that we know what your general metabolic rate is, we can adjust our caloric intake accordingly - and that is precisely what these next two weeks are about. But don't worry, in two weeks time, you will be back to consuming your normal amount of calories. For now, we encourage you to try focusing on consuming the amount of calories designated in your welcome packet (calorie reduction number). You may reduce your intake by more than that number if you feel comfortable doing so. Throughout the next 14 days we will teach you and provide you with resources to better manage your appetite while you reduce the amount of food you eat.

Drink 8, 8 oz of water

fill out your food log

Take your multivitamin

log your sleep hours



“Accept responsibility for your

life. Know that it is you who will

get you where you want to go, no

one else.”

— Les Brown