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DAY 12


Exercise Focus: Proprioception

Nutrition Focus: Calorie Maintenance

Happiness Focus: Granting Yourself Permission

*Download your exercise list, nutrition log, & happiness workbook for today above.


Warming up to warm up

The last week and a half, have you done anything prior to your workout to prepare yourself for it? Maybe a little pump up music or positive self talk? How about a warm up? Jumping straight into a workout day after day can lead to muscle aches, stiffness and injury. Introducing a dynamic warm up for 10-15 minutes prior to your workout can do wonders for you body and exercises. The purpose of the dynamic warm up is to increase blood flow to the areas which will be working and to wake up the nervous system (priming it) throughout the body. It is helpful to mimic the movements that you will consistently be performing in your workout. Check out some of the examples in the video for the day. 

Your Exercises For Today


Food Corner

Let's talk a little bit about one of our macronutrients today: protein. Protein is an essential nutrient and serves various mechanism in the body, most notably being the building block for muscle. Though protein is not typically used as a fuel source, times of extreme calorie restriction may require it, leading to reduced muscle mass. Proteins are made up of amino acids, 9 of which are essential, meaning our body cannot produce them and are required in our diet. Our lean muscle mass is the driving force for our metabolism and getting adequate protein each day is vital for ensuring the existence of our muscle mass. Most of us eating a well-balanced diet get adequate protein but just to make you aware, the current dietary guidelines recommend getting 0.8 grams/kg of bodyweight per day. That is not to say you need to panic and run to the closest supplement store and get a canister or protein powder. Continue eating a well-balanced diet and you will have more than enough. 

Drink 8, 8 oz of water

fill out your food log

Take your multivitamin

log your sleep hours


Granting yourself permission to be human

Too often, we forget that we are beautifully imperfect creatures. Instead of greeting ourselves with the love and compassion necessary to foster growth, we sometimes fall victim to the harsh inner critic inside our heads. We view health as a zero-sum game where even the slightest backslide is considered failure rather than an opportunity to learn. You’re already practicing the Three Good Things exercise, and in the upcoming weeks, you will learn additional science-based skills to counter your negative inner critic and enhance your mindset. Today, we’ll start with a key building block for these skills – giving yourself permission to be human.

At SoulFit, we start with the following vow: Today, I will intentionally greet myself where I am with unconditional self -love and self-compassion.

Let this SoulFit journey be one where you give yourself permission to be human.

Instructions: In your workbook, you are welcome to copy the above phrase or write your own adaptation, your own vow to give yourself permission to be human. Then, jot some bullets on how you will create space to allow for self-love and self-compassion.