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 day 05 

 Exercise Focus: Proprioception

 Nutrition Focus: Calorie Maintenance


 Happiness Focus: Inspire

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breathing while we balance

We cannot stress the importance of breathing enough, especially while we learn to move our body. For many of these exercises, your body should feel unstable. Proper breathing will aid you in engaging your core properly so that you may maintain your stability and balance. Whenever performing an exercise, try inhaling during the concentric movement and exhaling during the eccentric movement. For example, when performing a squat or lunge, inhale while going down and exhale while going up. It is beneficial to hold your breath slightly when performing any core engagement exercise - this held breath allows for a more rigid abdominal cavity, which enforces your core engagement. But be careful to pay attention to your body - do not hold your breath consistently or for long durations to avoid light headedness. 

Key takeaway:

  • Proprioception is essentially a fancy way of saying how we move

  • The big focus today and for the next two weeks is balance & stability

  • Take it slow, engage your core, feel your stabilizers fire up

nutrition & general health.

understanding your numbers

Hope you're hydrated! We're going to get a little more technical today in preparation for the days to come. As you should have seen in your personalized workbook, we have given you two calorie numbers based on the information you gave us when you signed up. Those two numbers illustrate your calorie maintenance and reduced calorie intake. Based on the information you provided us, we have determined approximately what your metabolic rate is based on your age, gender, height, weight and general activity level (more accurate results can be achieved using an indirect calorimeter). Now your calorie maintenance number is the amount of calories, if consumed exactly, that would lead to no weight change (neither gained nor loss). However, for most of us, we consume more calories than we realize from day to day and furthermore, we consume more calories than our metabolism burns. We will discuss your reduced calories when we get to week 3, but for now we would like you to start thinking about your calorie maintenance number. Either today or in the coming days, we challenge you to try eating approximately that amount of calories. 

Key takeaway:

  • Each day you will see your Key Takeaways - little bits of helpful info

  • Today, just pat yourself on the back for deciding to make this change

  • Try recording your food emotions, you may surprise yourself

Today's Challenge

Drink 8, 8 oz of water

 fill out your food log

 Take your multivitamin

 log your sleep hours

workout videos.





“Happiness cannot be traveled

to, owned, earned, or worn. It is

the spiritual experience of living

every minute with love, grace &


— Denis Waitley