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 day 04 

 Exercise Focus: Proprioception

 Nutrition Focus: Calorie Maintenance


 Happiness Focus: The Science of Happiness

*Download your exercise list, nutrition log, & happiness workbook for today above.


Practicing Active recovery

It's day 4 and we are giving you your first day off! So far the workouts may have felt easy or difficult - no matter either way. If the exercises have been too challenging, try scaling back on the intensity (the total repetitions you are performing). If the exercises seem too easy, try increasing the intensity. But remember, right now we are less focused on finishing every workout in a pool of sweat and more focused on building our stability and balance while focusing on our form. Now yes, today is technically a day off, so though we don't have a workout listed for you, please do not take that saved time and apply it to Netflix on the couch. Athletes practice active recovery during their training, a day or two off from high intensity fitness to allow their bodies to recover. We are doing the same thing, allowing our body to recover. This is not best done in a sedentary way but rather taking time to gently move about. So take a long walk today or put on some classical music and stretch for 30 minutes. 

Key takeaway:

  • Proprioception is essentially a fancy way of saying how we move

  • The big focus today and for the next two weeks is balance & stability

  • Take it slow, engage your core, feel your stabilizers fire up

nutrition & general health.

Staying hydrated

How much water were you drinking!? If you found your drink an adequate amount of water each day, high five to you! If you found that you don't hydrate nearly enough, no worries - here is an opportunity for a quick and easy health fix in your life! Have you ever seen those bodybuilders walking around with a gallon of water in their hand (no, this is not so they can get a few extra bicep curls in throughout the day; okay, maybe it is for some)? That's because they recognize the important of staying hydrated while they train. Here's an easy health hack for you: find yourself a nalgene or water bottle and put a piece of duct tape on it. Each time you finish the bottle throughout the day, take a marker and put a little dash on it. Find out how many fluid ounces are in it and try to reach 64 fluid ounces for the day. Good luck!

Key takeaway:

  • Each day you will see your Key Takeaways - little bits of helpful info

  • Today, just pat yourself on the back for deciding to make this change

  • Try recording your food emotions, you may surprise yourself

Today's Challenge

Drink 8, 8 oz of water

 fill out your food log

 Take your multivitamin

 log your sleep hours

active recovery.

keep moving

No official workout for today, but as you know, a body in motion stays in motion. So try your best not to look at this day as an opportunity to spend an extra hour on the couch. Rather, find something fun to do, get outside or get a deep tissue massage. Maybe get some friends together at the park or extend your play time with the dog today.


Your body requires time to repair itself following a bout of exercise. Not only is rest an award, it’s a requirement for peak performance and progress.


Strength and cardiovascular training stresses your muscles, which will tighten and make subsequent exercise more difficult if they are stretched out. Take 20 minutes today to stretch out your muscles.


Today is not meant to be spent on the couch or in bed –a fully sedentary day would be counter-productive. Take time today to connect with your body and recognize the progress it’s made. Treat your body with love and care and it will care and love you back.



The science of happiness

Many of our clients join SoulFit because they want to flourish both mentally and physically. It's likely not surprising that happiness is something that we simply want for its own sake - everyone wants to be happy. Being happy not only feels good, it can make us more creative, better problem solvers and learners. It boosts our social ties, makes us resilient against adversity, and even boosts our immune system so we're less likely to get sick. Research has shown that happy people live an average of 8 to 12 years LONGER than their unhappy counterparts! As if we need more reasons to want to be happier, happiness is considered a key ingredient to sustainable weight loss. While mainstream fitness programs often relegate happiness as a byproduct of weight loss, ample research shows that when we foster well-being, we're much more likely to eat healthily and continually engage in physical activity for the longterm.


Although we are used to exercising our bodies to enhance our health, it's a novel concept to view happiness as something you can grow, but science has shown us that we can rewire our brains for happiness. Due to a process called neuroplasticity, our brain creates neural pathways that automate our responses to stimuli. Think of it like this: if every time you're in traffic you say, "Ugh! This is awful!" you're actually training your brain to respond negatively to all future instances where you may find yourself in the slightest bit of congestion. However, if you actively and consistently challenge those negative responses and replace them with positive thoughts (i.e., "This traffic sucks, but at least now I get to listen to more of my audiobook!" you can retrain your brain and alleviate yourself of the negative kneejerk reactions. Kind of cool, right?


Psychologists suggest that our genetics and life circumstances make up 60 percent of our baseline level of happiness, meaning that a whopping 40 PERCENT of our happiness is determined by our own personal outlook. Now that is where our SoulFit exercises come in. Throughout your 91 Day SoulFit program, you'll complete exercises and journal reflections that have been created specifically to help you foster major components of well-being. You'll examine and refine your health goals, learn how to bolster positive emotions like gratitude, exercise mindfulness, and strengthen relationships with yourself and those around you. During these next 3 months, you'll build a toolbox of skills that you'll be able to tap into, making you resilient against obstacles on your health journey as well.