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 day 02 


 Exercise Focus: Proprioception

 Nutrition Focus: Calorie Maintenance

 Happiness Focus: Life is Short, Live Happy

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the importance of stability

The general idea here is, better support, better movement. Generally speaking, stability training typically takes place on an unstable surface or in an unstable environment. Today, most of us enjoy doing very specific, isometric movements like the bicep curl. Sure they work the bicep and are generally enjoyable to do, they primarily work one muscle and one muscle only. With stability training, we are stressing many individual smaller muscles that are otherwise ignored. Think of your body like a car (a sports car of course because you're wonderful) - you can have the best engine on the market, but without the proper auxiliary parts, you'll be back and forth to the shop in no time. That's how we need to think of our bones, ligaments, tendons and core. These are the most important parts of our physical body. So get comfortable, we will be spending the next week and a half stressing these components before moving on to the rest of the fun.

Key takeaway:

  • Proprioception is essentially a fancy way of saying how we move

  • The big focus today and for the next two weeks is balance & stability

  • Take it slow, engage your core, feel your stabilizers fire up

nutrition & general health.

reflecting on day 1

Here we are, day two. Yesterday we asked you to simply spend time paying close attention to your eating habits and emotions. How did it go? Were you surprised by how much or how little you have been eating? What about how frequently you reach for snacks, or whether or not you've been skipping breakfast and simply okay with one cup of coffee? What were your emotions like surrounding your meals - did it make you happy, sad, excited, bored? We could easily take a few of your measurements and put your numbers through an algorithm and give you a simple diet for a year and you would have your dream body. But realistically speaking, that won't work. No, constant dieting does not work because it is not sustainable. Establishing a healthy relationship with your food and educating yourself about healthy, nutrient dense foods is our goal here, so that when you finish our program dieting isn't necessary, just mindful eating.

Key takeaway:

  • Each day you will see your Key Takeaways - little bits of helpful info

  • Today, just pat yourself on the back for deciding to make this change

  • Try recording your food emotions, you may surprise yourself

Drink 8, 8 oz of water

Today's Challenge

 fill out your food log

 Take your multivitamin

 log your sleep hours

workout videos.




life is short, live happy

Welcome to Your Happy Brain, Healthy Body Journal!

Hello there! Welcome to your first SoulFit journal prompt! These prompts provide a safe, judgement-free place for your personal reflection, orientation, and empowerment as you navigate your SoulFit journey. Each prompt is carefully crafted using the latest scientific research in the fields of positive and behavioral psychology – there is no “placebo effect” here!


Remember, it’s natural to feel nervous as you look forward to these next 91 days. Today, I offer you your first science-backed mindset tip: whenever you feel anxious or nervous, think of those jitters as excitement rather than fear. Research shows that simply saying “I’m excited” in the face of nerve-racking events boosts our excitement, confidence, and likelihood of success.

Today’s Objective: There is no objective! Use the space in your workbook to simply check in with yourself. You can use the following prompts if you choose:


  • What thoughts are floating through my mind?

  • Am I experiencing any emotions that feel particularly light or heavy?

  • How do I feel inside my body today – are there areas of tension or is my body craving movement?