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 Week 1 

This week will focus on proprioception training and an introduction to managing your eating patterns. We will begin with stability and balance training to start building a foundation of fitness and you will gently start to recognize your eating patterns and the emotions that surround them. In addition, you will learn about the science of happiness and take your initial happiness assessment. 

 Week 2 

This week we will continue our proprioception training (including more stability and balance training) to further our fitness foundation. We will spend time reflecting on some of our nutrition observations from last week and we will look to the future and try to paint a picture of what our health will look like 3 months from now.

 Week 3 

Shifting away from proprioception training, we will begin our body basics and functional fitness training (focusing on the 7 fundamental movement patterns of humans). This is the first week we will begin to introduce calorie restriction (don't worry, only for a short time) and we will discuss techniques for setting realistic goals.

 Week 4 

More body basics and functional training with an introduction to eating for functionality. One more week of calorie restriction before we return to baseline eating habits and an introduction to resilience training (Planning for Plan B).

 Week 5 

This week we introduce cardiorespiratory training with a focus on movement and gait mechanics. As we return to calorie maintenance, we will focus more strictly on consuming an exact calorie intake and getting adequate protein in our diet. We will also discuss strategies for fortifying your house to serve your health goals.

 Week 6 

We will attempt to increase the volume and intensity of our cardiorespiratory training, and we will introduce one day of high intensity interval training. In addition, we will look at the various vitamins and micronutrients and discuss the best foods to make sure we are getting all of them. Finally, we will be taking our character strengths survey, a tool that will be invaluable in the future.

 Week 7 

Finally, we will start to introduce strength and hypertrophy training! We will apply everything we have learned so far and apply it to building more efficient lean muscle (boosting our metabolism). We return to restricted calories, this time with more skills to stay the course. In addition, we will be applying our character strengths to our health journey.

 Week 8 

This week will focus more on strength and hypertrophy training, and we will teach you how to design your own wellness program to best prepare you for the end of this program. You will learn more about the importance of adequate protein for training and mindful movement. 

 Week 9 

Now the magic begins and we introduce muscular endurance and fat loss training. We will begin this part of the journey with full calorie intake, ensuring enough energy to perform the workouts efficiently. We will be focusing on our mindset and establishing a mindful routine.

 Week 10 

More high intensity interval training, we will start to notice more weight and fat loss. You may be feeling fatigued by the end of this week so hydration is a major factor this week. We have spent a lot of time focusing on building healthier habits; this week will focus primarily on understanding your happiness.

 Week 11 

For one week we will return to a strength training routine. This week is our final push of calorie maintenance, high protein intake and strength training to boost our lean muscle mass. This will be common when you aim to develop your own program in the future. We will recall our happiest moments and apply their characteristics to every day life. 

 Week 12 

We are entering our last two weeks and we will be purely focusing on muscular endurance training, weight loss, and fat loss. Both weeks are restricted calories so again, be sure to stay hydrated. We will shift our happiness modules towards building and fostering healthy and supportive relationships.

 Week 13 

Your last week! Nothing changes from last week but we will be taking time to reflect on our progress and to celebrate our success while preparing for life beyond the Happy Brain - Healthy Body program.

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